44 Companies Formalized!

We have now succeeded in formalizing 44 collecting companies that include over 680 partners from the six recycling communities in Greater Cairo. In addition, we have also helped 25 recycling companies in  both Manshiyet Nasr and Ezbet El-Nakhl to complete the formalization process. The ministers of the Departments of Environment, Local Development, Industry, and Investment are currently involved in helping such Recycling SMEs to be formalized as a pilot to legalize all of the Recycling SMEs within the six communities. 

SoY Presents at icecairo

Spirit of Youth joined the Egyptian National Climate Change Coalition at their monthly meeting on February 21, 2013 to present the Source Segregation Campaign in downtown Cairo at the icecairo hub. Visit the link below to read all about it!

Our Mission

Officially registered in 2004, the Spirit of Youth Association works to educate and empower youth through learning opportunities related to sustaining entrepreneurial recycling businesses and also advocates the causes of the garbage collector’s community in their integration into the formal sector of solid waste management. We are dedicated to empowering marginalized children and youth to improve their environment through playing constructive roles in their communities. 

Main Objectives:

To offer programs, projects, and activities focused on the environmental and educational aspects of maintaining businesses and increasing income;

To improve the environment of particularly impoverished communities by spreading the concept and the practice of waste segregation (organic vs.  non-organic)  at the source in local neighborhoods of Greater Cairo zone;

To further enhance the projects and expertise of the association beyond the community of garbage collectors in Manshiyet Nasr;

To further develop the association into a learning organization that continuously improves and builds its institutional capacities as well as the skills of its human resources;

To build the capacity of the Zabaleen by advocating for their integration into the formal waste management sector in Egypt;

To provide awareness and primary health care services to children, youth and women in marginalized communities, assisting them to obtain access to free governmental medical services;

To offer children and youth working in particularly hazardous conditions alternative and safe work environments related to their professions.